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In 2008, the Collinsville Area Recreation District (CARD) acquired a parcel of land on Arlington Drive. Through grants and donations, in cooperation with Madison County and HeartLands Conservancy, we have been working to restore this property to its prior state as an American Bottom wetland. This wetland will be known as Arlington Wetlands.

We at CARD look forward to the many benefits promised by Arlington Wetlands. Due to its proximity to the confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers, Arlington Wetlands can play a major role in the migration of waterfowl throughout the year. Arlington Wetlands will offer a home to wetland-dependent threatened and endangered species. CARD will also utilize Arlington Wetland for educational and recreational opportunities for our community.

Even our parking lot is environmentally-friendly

We're all about protecting the environment at Arlington Wetlands so it's no surprise that even the parking lot is helping to protect our favorite resource: our planet.

The parking lot was created by Willow Creek Permeable Pavers of Minnesota. The pavers help control erosion and storm water runoff, which sometimes carries pollutants into bodies of water like Arlington Wetlands.

For more information, and to see a video about how permeable pavers work, click here.

Arlington Wetlands is for kids!

Along with its conservation aspect, Arlington Wetlands is also about recreation and education. In fact, we've developed an entire website just for children and their parents to help them explore Arlington Wetlands during a visit or from their home computer. Soon be able to to meet Arty, the Arlington Wetlands frog, and start exploring the area's newest wetlands restoration site via the internet.
NEWS: Join us for the ribbon cutting celebration

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Join HeartLands Conservancy and Madison County Chairman Alan Dunstan at the Arlington Wetlands ribbon cutting at 10:00am on Thursday, September 19, 2013. The ceremony will include brief remarks from project partners; Heartlands Conservancy, Collinsville Area Recreation District, Madison County, and Illinois EPA, concluding with a tour of the restored site and walk across the longest floating boardwalk in Southwestern Illinois.

Arlington Wetlands is located at 84 Arlington Drive, Pontoon Beach, IL. The main water body of the
interpretive site is an 83-acre remnant oxbow of the Mississippi River.  The wetland serves an important
role in providing stormwater storage, clean water, and wildlife habitat for surrounding communities.

Construction of the restoration activities was completed by Hayes Contracting & Excavation of Collinsville, Illinois.A trail and boardwalk across the open water allows visitors to discover the true beauty of the wetland up close. The boardwalk, made available through Team REIL Inc. and Hutchinson Recreation & Design, was constructed with the help of volunteers. Additionally, a permeable parking lot constructed with pavers from Midwest Products Group allows rainfall to move through, rather than flow off, the surface of the lot. This increases filtration of storm water, removing pollutants that would otherwise be washed directly into our lakes and streams.

Funding for this Interpretive Experience was provided in part by the US Environmental Protection Agency
under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act distributed through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency; Phillips 66, Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, The Confluence, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Those wishing to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony should contact Sarah Vogt at 618-566-4451 ext. 23 or sarah.vogt@heartlandsconservancy.org no later than September 17.

UPDATE: Watch the video below to experience the ribbon cutting.
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Experience the groundbreaking

Click here to read about the groundbreaking on June 1, 2012.